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Aquatic Vegetation & Algae Recycling Programs

The communities along the shores of our waterways are facing a new challenge. Nitrate and phosphate residues from domestic, agricultural and industrial runoff have caused excessive aquatic weed growth. These weeds are infesting the shoreline; trapping suspended dirt and creating mud-flats and pushing back the body of our lakes and rivers. Decaying algae poses a number of other problems, including health risks for animals, sea life and human beings.

The aim of the Algae Recycling Program is to defeat this problem and demonstrate to local communities that it is possible to reclaim these damaged regions and take ecological responsibility for their waterfront.

Removing the aquatic vegetation and algae improves the aesthetics and health of the waterfront and also greatly reduces the shoreline phosphate level. Harvested weeds are nitrogen-rich and can be recycled into Triple Mix (compost product) which completes the environmental cycle.

LakeSavers is working with local community groups, cottage associations and municipalities to develop programs to deal with individual community problem.


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